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The Rogue Valley COAD consists of Jackson and Josephine County community organizations preparing and ready to coordinate with each other and Emergency Management in response to disaster. General Meetings for all members are held quarterly. The Steering Committee meets monthly. Both meetings are held at ACCESS; the Steering Committee in a smaller conference room and the General Meeting at ACCESS’ Oslrud Nutrition Center. Both are simultaneously in person and on Zoom for maximum participation.

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  • Member Organization – nonprofits, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, businesses, other groups, associations, and non-governmental entities providing continuing funding.  Member Organizations attend COAD meetings, fill positions on the Steering Committee and COAD Working Groups. In RVCOAD decision making, Member Organizations have one vote each.
  • Partner Member – government entities and departments, tribes, counties, cities and other political subdivisions. Partner Organizations attend meetings and have a voice, but do not vote.
  • Resource Member – businesses, organizations, nonprofits and individuals having resources or services that may be available in an emergency. Resource Providers may attend meetings and have a voice, but do not vote.
  • Individual Member – residents of RV COAD counties and cities who are not members of an organization eligible for membership.  Have specific skills and experience that can enhance the effectiveness of RVCOAD in areas such as administration, operations, planning, etc. Individual members are nominated by at least one RVCOAD member. They attend regular meetings and are eligible to fill positions as Steering Committee Officers and as chairs or members of workgroups and sub-groups and have one vote. 

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